Top 5 ways to Keep PC in Good Health

March 4, 2021

1. Disk Space

One of the best ways to keep your computer up and running is to keep track of the disk space.  If you free up disk space you can drastically improve your computers performance. In lay man’s terms the more space free the faster your computer is going to run. Your Windows OS comes equipped with a disk clean up tool that will help you free up a lot of hard drive space. The disk clean up tool will identify the files that are not required and can be removed safely. Typically, temporary Internet files take the most amount of space because the browser caches each page you visit for faster access later. These can be removed on a temporary basis. Run it once in two weeks for best results.

2. Speeding up your computers access to data.

Fragmentation slows down the overall performance of your system. When the files are divided the system must search the entire hard disk to piece the file together when it has been opened. The response time of your system then will be very long. To fix this problem you have to use the defragmenter. Windows provides you with a Disk Defragmenter that should be used at least once in 3 or 4 months. After you run the disk defragmenter windows would have consolidated all the fragmented files. Now with your files stored neatly and in an organized manner your systems response time will increase. And your computer will run much faster.

3. Protecting your computer against Spyware

A spy ware collects personal information with out letting you know or asking for your permission. Spy wares can get information about the websites you visit, the user names and passwords for all your logins, and all info that you hold confidential. To combat this threat its best you have a powerful firewall installed and have a reputed anti virus installed.

4. Detecting and repairing disk errors.

Apart from running the disk clean up and disk defragmenter to boost the performance of your system it’s vital that you check the integrity of the files stored on your system.

You can easily do this by running the error checking utility. Your hard drive can develop bad sectors by frequent use. Bad sectors very drastically slowdown your system’s overall performance. And can some times make data writing, file saving difficult or some times even impossible. The utility scans your hard drive for bad sectors and scans files and folders to see if any of them have been misplaced. If you use your computer frequently you should run this utility at least once in two weeks to help prevent data loss.

5. Keep your system registry clutter free.

The system registry is the backbone of any Operating System. After frequent computer use the registry gets really cluttered and most of the applications or programs that you have recently uninstalled or deleted would leave behind a lot of unnecessary registry keys which just clutter the registry database. Your computer needs the registry to be clutter free and organized in order to work efficiently. Doing this manually is not recommended as one simple mistake could cost you a system crash, and you loose all your vital data. It’s best you use a certified costumer trusted registry cleaner such as XXX. It will clean up all unwanted registry keys and fix old registry errors. It’s best to go for the paid versions rather than the free cleaners as they do not do any good they occasionally cause system crashes. So make sure you use a registry cleaner such as XXX to clean up and fine tune your registry.

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