How to Leave Comments on Blogs

April 17, 2021

Since last week i am wondering that why my blog is growing so quickly. I am getting a good traffic to my blog and alexa ranking is improving day by day. Isn’t it sounds good if you are leaving a number of websites ,blogs behind youself.

Yes of course it is. This is my personal experience from last two weeks. All is the result of leaving comments on the other blogs. You were thinking there’s nothing new in the previous line.

Yes there nothing new but, leaving comments on blogs is a special kind of art that a good blogger should possess. Comments are always used to increase backlinks and the traffic rank. Only If you are leaving comments on blogs in a good manner then you will surely get the attention of that blog on which you are commenting.

While leaving comments on blogs there are a few point that should be remembered. Whenever you create a post you always wish to have a number of comments on it. And after publishing your post you get disappointed to see just two or three comments. Can you tell be the reason behind it. can u ? no. The reason behind it that you are not caring for your blog.

If you are thinking by creating a nice article or post you will get number of comments then you are wrong. Because comments on blogs follow a 90:9:1 rule. This rule says

* 90% of readers consume your content
* 9% of readers are editors and comments regularly
* 1% of reader are passionate people who leave long comments after each post.

The art of leaving comments on blogs is very simple but you need to keep some point in your mind. These point helps you to have attention of blogs towards your blog and you get sufficient amount of traffic to your blog.

Always read about what the blog is about. Try to tell more about the the article topic. Avoid the comments that say just only “Thnx ..nice article”. You should give them proof that you really like the post and and thankfull to the writer. Give your opinion about that post in the comments. The blog owner while seeing such a comments that are genuine will pay attention on the commenter and will contact again via his response.

Comments such as “Thanx admin for sharing“, “nice written,you should check this URL” are not worthy.These kind of comments seems to be the spams. And the blog owner avoids and doesn’t pay attentions towards you. They could not find it genuine and ignore it. So try to leave comments that seems to be real.

The same you should follow for you own blog. Whenever anyone leave comments on your blog, you should give him an immediate response and offer him about some related articles and try to have conversation. These kind of thing will attract more the reader and commenters towards your blog and you’ll get audience for your blog.

If you think you can increase you comments on blog and you have tried some more better techniques that worked ? Leave a comment.

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