Corporate Social Responsibility

Nyota is committed to providing and maintaining a healthy and safe work place and to responsibly managing all of the environmental aspects of its business.



To this end, Nyota has a detailed Health, Safety, Environment, Labour and Community (“HSEC”) policy which it applies in relation to its operations at the Tulu Kapi Project. The policy includes the following corporate and social responsibility statement in relation to operations generally:


Nyota is committed to the implementation of a comprehensive HSEC Policy at every stage of mine development, from exploration through to reclamation. Our front line managers are accountable for implementation of the HSEC policy and our directors, officers, employees and contractors are responsible and accountable for Nyota’s health, safety, and environmental performance and are expected to comply with the policy.


In addition, the following specific commitments are made as regards social and environmental matters:


Health & Safety Responsibility

  • We will provide all employees with health and safety training and require employees of contractors to undergo training as required.
  • We will take all practical and reasonable measures to eliminate workplace fatalities and injuries of our employees and those of contractors.
  • We will establish management strategies and promote workplace prevention programmes for the prevention of communicable diseases of our employees and those of contractors.

Environmental Responsibility

  • We will comply with all applicable legislation, regulations, and appropriate international industry standards including the Equator Principles.
  • We will assess the positive and negative effects of our activities, from exploration through closure.
  • We will support local policies and procedures that minimize or eliminate negative effects of our activities on the natural environment and local communities.
  • We will support the development of sound procedures that promote a safe and healthy environment for the local communities and natural environment.
  • We will monitor our use of natural resources and change working practices to improve our environmental performance through efficient use of energy and natural resources.

Social Responsibility

  • We will work to understand what is important to the communities in which we operate and by establishing and reviewing communication, consultation and information disclosure plans and procedures taking all stakeholders into consideration.
  • We will work to establish sustainable development relationships in the community, government, business, and contractors based on mutual respect and honesty, with an emphasis on helping the most vulnerable.
  • We will promote sustainability in all matters relating to health, safety, environment and the community throughout all stages of mine development.

Nyota in Action
Nyota is finalizing the definitive feasibility stage of the Tulu Kapi deposit. In order to facilitate this process, Nyota has developed and trained a dedicated team of community liaison officers to ensure it maintains the levels of interaction with local communities required for a successful project.

Daniel Kelbessa, Community Liaison Officer Team Leader (left) and members of a local Kebele government prior to a consultation meeting on proposed exploration drilling in the area. Photo by Channa Pelpola, Manager Environment and Community Affairs, Nyota.


Reforestation Program
Since 2006, Nyota (including its’ predecessor) has been operating a nursery approximately 4 km northeast of the Tulu Kapi Project area. The nursery grows and distributes over 100,000 seedlings annually to support erosion protection measures and reforestation initiatives in Genji Woreda.

Employees at Nyota’s nursery plant cordiana Africana seedlings used for soil conservation and hillside stabilization. Photo by Alan Stenson, Health, Environment, Safety and Security Manager.


Community Development Projects
Nyota provides resources and funds for community development initiatives in line with CSR policies and in the immediate Tulu Kapi Project area. Nyota has invested in excess of Birr 2,650,000 (USD $156,000) over the past two years on community initiatives, the largest investment being a secondary school with 732 students enrolled in grades 9 and 10. Community development initiatives are based on a preliminary needs assessment, and have been undertaken in collaboration with local government.

Students in the grade 9 programme. One third of all students are female. Student ages range from 13 to 40. Photo by Noble Kelly, Social Consultant.

Grade 9 students in the newly constructed Worke Gudji Secondary School (shown in the picture above), West Wollega Zone, Ethiopia. A community development project to build and furnish a secondary school in the community where exploration occurs, funded by Nyota in partnership with the Ministry of Education of Gendji Woreda, and the community of Kapi Gurachu.