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5 things absolutely everyone should do with their Android phone

March 2, 2021

If you’ve got an Android phone, be it a Nexus 5 or a Galaxy Note 3, there are all kinds of cool things you can do with it: from custom ROMs, alternative launchers, apps of all shapes and sizes, LED notifications, gesture controls, icon packs and tweaks, hacks and secrets from here until the cows home. But there are only five things that every single Android owner simply must do. Here they are.

No matter which Android you own, you simply must do these five things. / © ANDROIDPIT


How Android Device Manager is not pre-installed on every single Android phone I simply don’t know. Android Device Manager is a great tool that lets you track a lost or stolen phone, remotely lock it, ring it, or delete its contents and even display a lock screen message for anyone that finds it. It may not be the sexiest thing you do with your Android phone, but it should be the first thing you do.

No Android device should be without Android Device Manager. / © ANDROIDPIT


Did you know in Google Chrome’s settings you can tell your favorite browser to save you time and money by reducing your data usage? No? Most people don’t. By using this setting, I’ve cut my data usage by 30 percent in the last month. How’s that for easy savings? Go to Chrome > Settings > Reduce Data Usage and turn it on.

Everyone should tell Chrome to compress webpages before downloading them. / © ANDROIDPIT

Likewise, did you know you can tell your phone to avoid poor Wi-Fi connections and Just go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Advanced Wi-Fi Optimization and turn it on to save battery while Wi-Fi is on. While you’re at it, be sure to check the box to avoid poor Wi-Fi connections so you’re not sucking precious battery power trying to connect to crappy Wi-Fi. Always keeping your Wi-Fi on while asleep also saves battery life by not having to constantly reconnect every time you wake your phone up.

The Advanced Wi-Fi Settings is a great place to save time, money and battery life. / © ANDROIDPIT


There aren’t too many apps that I think absolutely everyone should use, because everyone has different tastes, needs and habits. But Pushbullet is different. Everyone, and I mean everyone, should be using it.

Pushbullet connects all your devices for sharing links, calls, SMS and even files. / © Pushbullet

You can push links on your phone to your tablet, links from your PC to your phone or links from your phone to all of your devices. Copying and pasting URLs is alike, so 1999. Pushbullet also notifies you of SMS or calls on your PC and you can transfer files between all of your devices with Pushbullet too.

Pushbullet connects your phone, tablet, PC, Chrome browser and more. / © ANDROIDPIT


Unless you’re already an NFC fan, most people don’t even realize what NFC is, how it works or what it can do for you. But NFC is brilliant. A single tap can pair your Bluetooth headphones to your phone, transfer all of the contents of your old phone to a new one, or even send a default message to a contact when you walk in the door at home.

See that NFC logo on those headphones? One tap and you’re paired. / © ANDROIDPIT

Heck, some guy even implanted an NFC chip in his hand so he’d never have to unlock his phone again. You don’t have to go that far, but some NFC-equipped devices and a pack of NFC tags will change your life and save you precious time. NFC is one of the coolest and underrated things to do with your Android.


If your adventurous nature stops a little short of implanting an NFC chip in your person, the next best thing to do is setup your lock screen security. I am forever surprised by just how many of my friends don’t have lock screen security set up.

Finger scanner, Knock Code, PIN or pattern lock – pick one! / © ANDROIDPIT

If you lose your phone or have it stolen do you really want that thief to have access to all the intimate corners of your smartphone? No? Then set up a pattern or PIN lock right now. Just go to Settings > Security > Screen lock or on some devices Settings > Lock Screen to set up your preferred type of lock screen security. Seriously, do it right now.

What else should everyone do with their Android? Share your tips in the comments.

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