10 Tips to Manage Your Business Day

April 26, 2021

Of course in future you will develop your own time management rules, but you can start with these 10 tips.


To plan your time right way, try to understand what tasks are main. Then plan your work time based on main tasks. Count how many minutes exactly you have for each one. But do not forget about secondary tasks, they also need some time. After you start to understand how to plan a day, begin with planing week, then month, then year. If you realized all your plans in planning time, then great! If not, analyze, what was done wrong.


When we plan something it seems, that we will remember it for long time. Yes, you will remember only the main idea, but no details. Write detail for each step you will do. If you will write and read after, you could find a system. Also, writing it will be easy to understand mistakes.

Don’t late without seriously reasons. It will help you and people who are working with you. You will have respect from clients, boss and team working with you.


Are you working at lunch time? Why? To finish your work earlier? It will not work like this. You are not a machine. If you will work without rest, you will be tired, exhausted and all what you could do in 15 minute, you will make in hours. So, better is to breath fresh air, have lunch with friends or do some exercises in the rest time.


Remember, that when you are working, you should focus on what you do. Do not try to think about what will you eat on dinner or about latest news, and even not about next task. Be here and now only.

Jokes are exercises for your brain. But worries are just time killers. And do not forget, that even if you have a bad mood, it doesn’t mean that you should be worried.


Everything should have each own place. You will not lose time to find your pen or paper you need. Put near to you any tools that you use often and put far that tools which you need rare. And tools that you don’t use at all, put away from your workplace. The same rule is for your PC desktop too.


Think only of things that are on your priority, if someone ask for something, you don’t want to do, don’t be afraid to refuse, it will also economize your time.


Have you ever stuck in traffic or using public transportation to meet with a client. Okay, you have free time to read contract one more time or for self-development. You can read any book or listen for audio-book.


We are all human-beings and have different hours of activity. Try to understand, in what time any job you do is easy for and in what time any simple task takes much time. Based on this manage important tasks for active time and secondary for the rest.


Go to sleep and wake up at the same time everyday. You need less hours for rest. And if these time is always different, even 10 hours will be not enough for you to sleep.

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